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Software Freedom Day – SFD

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a Technology Event held annually worldwide to promote and disseminate the benefits of Free Software, its Philosophy and related Technologies.

On September 15th, I was invited to give a talk about Fedora, this event that took place at the National University of San Luis Gonzaga, Ica.


With my friend Lizbeth, we went from Lima very early in the morning so we could get to our workshops on time.

The community of Icanux welcomed us very kindly, I can’t complain about that 😉

PONENCIA: “como sacar el máximo provecho a Fedora”

PAPER: “How to get the most out of Fedora”.
I started my presentation by talking about Fedora and how they can contribute to the Fedora project. 90% of the people didn’t know Fedora, let alone Linux, so they were very interested in learning more.
Then I invited them to participate in the GSoC and the Outreachy, making their benefits known.


Finally we started with the questions and answers, and those who responded were given Fedora’s presents, they were more than happy.

fedora Women Day

As soon as I finished my presentation, the organization in charge gave me a present, Thank you Elmer and Jorge for the invitation.

Software freedom day

With my friend Liz we started with the workshop “Fedora GTK” which was attended by young first-cycles engineering systems. Before you start, it was verified that everyone had their virtualized machine with the fedora Operating system, GLADE and Python.

It began with the presentation of Python, the majority had basic knowledge. I started to explain the design of Gtk in Glade, since he had to perform a system of registration which, once finished recording the data, would be exported automatically to a file. “txt”

The attendees were very excited as they had never known what was Glade. later, we explained the code, in python, and what were their functions
Finally, we showed how you ran the program. We end with questions and prizes, will also be raffled off scholarships for courses of the same university.

At the end of the day, we shared a dish known in the Ica as: “Chicharron de Pollo”,and the organizers of the event accompanied us to the Huacachina lake and the vineyard

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