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FLISOL Lima-Los Olivos- Peru 2017

The Latin American Festival of Free Software Installation (FLISoL) was celebrated  the fourth Saturday of each April, in each country of Latin America. This year was held on April 22, at the Universidad Privada del Norte, Lima, Peru.

The presentation was made by Julita Inca. We showed the Fedora terminal, and its properties, as well as the Cheese program, which could be displayed on the desktop.


At the moment of entering we open the program we get this:

app Cheese

But since our machine is not connected to a Web Camera, you can not see anything.

To know the operation of CHEESE is selected the button F1 And we will visualize the following window, and if we go to the foot of page, we will see the contributions of this program.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.




The first thing they taught us was to enter the terminal and write the following:

  • sudo su
  • Enter your password
  • vi hostname


Then select “ESC + i” to insert text and be able to change the host name. In this case, change to FlisolPeru2017. Then select “ESC +: wq!” To save and exit.


We then write

  • Cat/etc/hostname
  • reboot     **To restart **

reiniciar Fedoraingresar usuario

Open the terminal and we can see that the hostname changes.


Now we change the name of the user, for that we open the terminal we enter the following commands:

  • Sudo su
  • Password
  • Useradd –md/home/solanch solanch
  • Passwd solanch
  • We enter a password (we will be asked to enter password twice)

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

Dar permiso con chmod

Now we will see the File  “FlisolPeru2017”.

  • touch flisolperu2017 
  • ls -l

touch FliSolPeruIn this case we can see that the file is empty, as you can also see that you do not have all the permissions. only has.  “-rw-rw-r–


To give all possible permissions we write the command  chmod followed by 777 And the name of the hostname.

  • chmod 777 flisolperu2017 
  • ls -l 

We can see that now you have all the permissions “rwx”


Insertar texto

To enter text into the flisolperu2017 file, use the command echo ,to save to use  >flisolperu2017. If we want to add another text to the same file, we only add >>flisolperu2017

  • cat flisolperu2017
  • echo “GRACIAS TOTO,SOLANCH,SHEYLA”>flisolperu2017
  • echo “GRACIAS ALEXANDER” >>flisolperu2017
  • cat flisolperu2017 



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